Stockport Food Network

Linking good food producers from within Stockport and its periphery to each other. Working to improve and diversify the food offer in Stockport, supporting the local economy, enhancing the food culture and raising awareness around good food produced in a more sustainable manner. Typically, food produced in a more sustainable manner is:

  • More local and seasonal
  • Uses organic or more sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Uses less meat but meat of a higher quality maximising animal welfare
  • Excludes fish species identified as at risk
  • Is Fair-trade certified
  • Has reduced waste and packaging
  • Promotes health and well-being.
  • Increases food democracy

Who can join the network?

Anyone is who is producing, processing, retailing or trading food within Stockport or who is growing food commercially within a 50mile radius or rearing livestock in or on the periphery of the borough.

What are aims?

We want to make Stockport more attractive to consumers and develop a strong reputation for good, local food. We want to improve the links between people growing and preparing food to those trading or retailing to improve livelihoods, employment and make Stockport’s food offer fit for the future.

When does the network meet?

Monthly food network meetings at various times and venues around the borough. See the events section of the website for more info.