School Projects

School gardens are an excellent way to teach children about the food they eat. Children have the opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables, and they learn firsthand about different foods.

This is an effective way to educate children, and their parents, about the nutritious advantages of fresh, locally grown food while helping children get balanced meals. Gardening programs are also a great way to teach about sustainable food production and the issues faced by small producers in the UK and further afield.

There are various amazing school garden projects in Stockport and across Greater Manchester. Some consist of small herb patches in the play ground, others have become totally integrated in the school cirriculum - selling produce to the school kitchen and parents, learning how to preserve produce and running cooking classes for parents as well as advising other schools on how to make their school food system more sustainable.

Case Study - St Bernadette's CP School, Brinnington

"We have a productive organic fruit and veg garden which has been established for 5 years and use it to teach children about food from seed to plate. The food we produce is used in school canteen and breakfast/afterschool clubs and turn some produce into other products such as jams or muffins. We run training workshops for parents and provide 'starter packs' so they can grow at home."