Food Partnership

The Feeding Stockport Food Partnership has been established to make the food system more sustainable in Stockport. Rebalancing the food system looks beyond food and delves into the economic, environmental and health aspects of what we eat, how we eat it, where we eat it and how did the food take that journey from farm to fork? This is a complex system and one in which cannot be solved in insolation. By bringing together a range of organisations, projects and resources we aim to work on various aspects of the food system in ways which develop mutually beneficial relationships and improve the lives of our community at large.

Who are the current partners?
Enterprise/Business Advice - Sarah Haynes  (Blue Orchid)        CHAIR
Voluntary organisations– Tony Shield (Anchorpoint)
RSLs – Lindsay McAllister (Moss Bank Homes)
Sustainability & Community Growing – Jo Cole / Gemma Russell (Stockport Homes)
Public Health – Jane Jefferson (Stockport Council)
Environment  - Darren Pegram (Stockport Council)
Economic Development – Helen Walters (Stockport Council)
Sustainable Food Greater Manchester – Chris Walsh (Kindling Trust)
Housing Strategy – Clare Redfern (Stockport Council)
Sustainable Living in the Heatons – Sarah McClelland
Edible Marple – Maureen Matthews
Stockport Food Banks – Nigel Tedford (Trussell Trust)
Community Growing, engagement and development– Abigail Pound (Groundwork)
Feeding Stockport Co-ordinator – Jemma Grime (Kindling Trust)

How does the partnership work?
An initial consultation was carried out prior to Stockport winning the bid to become part of the Sustainable Food Cities network. The consultation has formed the basis of the Food Charter, Food Partnership and subsequently the Partnership Action plan. This plan is currently being drafted looking at key deliverable areas we can address in the next three years. The partnership will then meet to discuss progress, ideas, provide support for organisations on implementation and look at additional project funding as appropriate. Two project groups will initially be formed which meet outside of the main partnership to look at Community Growing and building a Food Business Network. As a partnership we will also significantly contribute to the work around Food Poverty across the borough, sharing food surpluses and expertise.

What are the partnership’s plans and how will this work to rebalance the food system here in Stockport?
The Partnership works to support Stockport’s Food Charter, providing an infrastructure to enable changes to be made which improve the food culture in Stockport. This will work by diversifying and expanding our own food offer, improving route to market for local goods, establish a fairer food system and enabling the community to grow, buy, cook and eat food which is nutritious, good quality and more easily accessible to all.

How do you link the Stockport Food Partnerships to an improved food offer here in Stockport?
The Stockport Food Network has been established to link local growers and producers in a way which promotes trade relations, shares ideas and good practice enabling traders to bulk buy, collaborate for tenders and build their businesses in an organic manner. By supporting each other we can help businesses grow, improving Stockport’s economy, reducing environmental impact of using a more effective food system and improve health and wellbeing through increasing employment opportunities and access to better quality food.