Food Charter

Our Food Charter

We, as individuals, community groups, enterprises, businesses and the public sector commit to improving our sustainability by joining together to work towards a fairer food system fit for the future.

We will endeavour to grow, buy/sell, cook and eat in a way that supports our local economy, in a healthy and environmentally respectful way.

Where possible we will:

  • Buy seasonal, local produce. Ideally organic, or from more sustainable farms or at least buy British supporting UK agriculture.

  • Support local independent food outlets.

  • Avoid processed food, buy fresh or minimally processed food.

  • Reduce meat consumption and buy better quality meat and animal product such as dairy and eggs. Organic, Free range, Freedom or pasture-reared are all signs that your animal products are coming from a more sustainable source and will be higher quality and healthier.

  • Buy fish from more sustainable sources i.e. not on the ‘fish to avoid’ list1.

  • Grow your own, use an allotment, help at a community growing project or get growing at our workplace.

  • Reduce our food waste, buy what we need and plan our meals.

  • Buy Fairtrade coffee and tea.

  • Drink tap water, avoiding bottled water.

  • Buy/Sell food which has minimal packaging and ideally be biodegradable.

  • Vote with our feet, the more we ask about our food, its provenance and the food chain the more of an impact we can make.

  • Support others to be more sustainable.

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