Feeding Stockport is co-ordinated by Jemma Grime of the Kindling Trust. Jemma is based in Stockport with the Kindling Trust having a strong network across Greater Manchester.

Feeding Stockport is part of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. The programme is funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation through Sustainable Food Cities (Soil Association, Sustain and Food Matters), with local funding from Stockport Council and Stockport Homes. Stockport are one of 6 cities/regions in the UK who have been selected to receive funding.

The programme is diverse and works on many different fronts with the aim to improve the food system in and around Stockport for the benefit of our population. We are supporting the public, private, voluntary organisations and community groups to make a difference. Collaboration, education, awareness raising, procurement and economic development are just some of the things we are trying to improve. The benefits of a more sustainable food system are far reaching, improving livelihoods, the environment, health and wellbeing, ultimately making Stockport a fantastic place to live.

The Kindling Trust took on the role of developing (in consulation with others) a website which aimed to link up and promote the businesses and organisations working towards a more sustainable food system, and to provide information and discussion forums about sustainable food issues. Have a look around the website to see how you can get involved, supporting the sustainable food movement as an individual or business. By signing the charter. This is a simple way to commit to exploring how you can make a difference and see that through to making changes, which collectively will make a huge difference to the way our communities prosper.

The website aims to creating the most extensive database of progressive food initiatives and businesses in the region. 

... and we need you to make it even better!

While it is already pretty amazing, this website still has some way to go before it is as useful as it could be. The information on the site is mainly information we have been able to gather from public sources. To create a resource that shows the full range of sustainable food activity in our borough, we need you to fill in your information, and to ask others to do the same. The site is also reliant on each organisation updating their information on a regular basis so that it stays as relevant as possible.

Turning ideas from community consultations into action.

September 2013 saw the first in a series of Feeding Stockport events, looking at practical and strategic ways to increase access to sustainable food in Stockport. The events, involving sustainable food practitioners (growers, buyers etc.), are focused on partnership working and practical solutions. For more information about these gatherings please see the events section of the website.

A big thank you to our Supporters.

The Kindling Trust and FeedingStockport has created this website as a 'one-stop shop' for the sustainable food movement in Stockport and across Greater Manchester after securing support from the Sustainable Food Cities and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. We are indebted not only to our funders, but to Circle Interactive our designers and all the volunteers who have helped us.